Monday, November 5, 2012

Cost comparison of cloth vs disposable

Cost comparison of cloth vs disposable diapers

 So if we assume we are always using 1.98 KWH per load (average machine uses 0.256 KWH/load with really old and inefficient machines listed at 0.91-1.98 KWH/load according to one website) and also assume a load everyday, to give ourselves the worst case scenario, according to last month’s bill we would be adding $3.60 to our electricity bill every month. If we use dryer this will be more [at the time we hadn’t planned on using a dryer to prolong the life of the diapers, but now we realize it would take WAY too long for them to dry otherwise].
If we assume we use Charlie’s soap (recommended) to wash our diapers (not the cheapest option) then it will cost us $0.19/load. With a load everyday (again, an overestimate) it would cost us $5.79/month.
Total maintenance cost= ~$9.30/month
Start up costs of cloth diapers: 4 diaper covers @ $15 ea. (not the cheapest)=$60 + 24 Gerber prefolds@ $1 each =$84 + wet/dry tote for convenience [hadn’t thought of pail liner at the time] ($10)=$94 total.
Comparison with Costco diapers assuming baby with an average use of 10 diapers/day (an underestimate given the range of 8-15 stated as average) for the first six months. Cost of Costco diapers (a cheaper option to give disposables the best case scenario) therefore equals about $57.69/month.
Disposable /Cloth Overall
1st month $57.69 $103.30 -45.61
2nd month $57.69 $9.30 +2.78
3rd month $57.69 $9.30 +51.17
4th month $57.69 $9.30 +99.56
5th month $57.69 $9.30 +147.95
6th month $57.69 $9.30 +196.34

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