Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Some changes for the mamas' privacy...

Hey Mamas!
Just a heads up, but many of you have noticed the privacy setting for our Facebook group page has been changed from "closed" group to "secret" group and many have been asking me about it. Without going into details, its just a temporary thing while we figure some stuff out for some of our mamas in need, and its an attempt to help keep their info private. 
We will still be posting info about our activities, but details such as location will no longer be mentioned on this blog. To find out more info needed to come to these events you will now need to request to join the group's page on facebook, or contact us through our email (seen in the contact tab on the menu bar). However, note that for the time being though, (while we check some things out), requests to join may be delayed on being approved. So if you want to join, or if you have a mama you want to invite to the group or know someone who wants to join will you please just message us and let us know and then we'll talk with you and work on adding them A.S.A.P?!
Thanks for understanding mamas, and sorry for the inconvenience! ;)

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