Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July's Mama Activity: Babywearing 101

For this month's Mama Activity we are having our first babywearing class!
Wednesday, July 25th from 7:00 pm - 8:30 ish pm
(*See the group's facebook page for the location and for more details!)
This class will be more of a "Babywearing 101," and the first in a series of babywearing classes that the lovely Mayme Seng Ercanbrack will teach us!

This class will be the perfect intro to babywearing, and we'll talk about benefits of babywearing, the principles behind correct positioning, what makes a good carrier, the different kinds of carriers and we will take a look at them all.

To Bring: (ALL are optional!)
* As for all the “Mama Activity” nights, bringing your kids is optional. (I’m personally probably going to pawn mine off on daddy this time, but I’ll have the location be somewhere where kids can have somewhere to play too for anyone who needs it. ;) )
* Any friends you think may also be interested!
* A treat to share if you want/can! (I’ll bring drinks and plates.)
* Those mamas with their own carriers and wraps can feel free to bring their own carriers too, and if we have time after the class you can try eachothers' carriers out and get help with any other babywearing questions you might have. -In the next babywearing classes we have we will learn more specific carries and practice them more in depth though. :)


**Note: For this particular class we are going to have a sort of "part 2/DIY class" on the following Saturday as well. For this one, Megan Lindstrom will be teaching how to make your own of several different kinds of carriers for those interested. She will talk a little about this at our class, as well as more details will be available in the event invite for that day!

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