Friday, October 5, 2012

Some changes & blog makeover!

Hello ladies!
 We posted a while back that we had some privacy issues with some of our mamas and to help protect them we made the FaceBook group setting as "secret" and stopped putting specific details about our activities on the blog, and haven't started using it (the bog) for much else yet.  Ive been debating what to do to help these mamas our, but still have the blog accessible to our mamas who don't have FaceBook.  
Megan and I talked today and agreed that we're also going to be a little more cautious about who is added to the group, for the protection of those who are needing it, and we're not going to post anything at all about our upcoming activities on the blog anymore. Instead we would like to start using it more for sharing articles, community events, recipes, links, more info on the stuff we learned in our classes and etc. ...So if you ladies have anything you'd like to post please contact me (Jes) or Megan and we'll help you out! You can also just email the group's email address (found on the "contact" tab).  If you have any other ideas for us or anything you that want on the blog let us know!
 -Oh and for those in the FB group, don't forget to check out our upcoming events this month! They're going to be so fun! :)

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